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Krishna or Christ?

“The journey on the spiritual path started ever since God made my spirit in my mother’s womb, but in the years of early youth, a fierce flame was kindling in my heart to find the Supreme Being. Being a Hindu, I never really took Krishna seriously, but was once evangelized by believers when I got outraged at my religion being put down upon.

I then began reading the Bhagwad Gita and gained knowledge, while I started hating Christ. As I was expanding my knowledge it was mere knowledge and pride, the love wasn’t there anymore. I don’t’ even know myself how Christ entered my heart and sat on the throne. The hatred transformed into love, Eternal Love,this happened in America where I am studying medicine.

Although I had been in Christ for 2 years, I had not been baptized though I wanted to be. Here in America I met Pastor Jatinder P. Gill while on vacation after a month long desire to meet a pastor from my own homeland. He is a wonderful person, on the Word of God, who uplifted my joy which was strengthening in the lack of fellowship”. “As I had to move from New York, Pastor took my special request and baptized me on April 28th, 2005. I am strengthened in the Word, and have made it through hard times, and I wish to strengthen others faith. So, I testify in the precious name of Our Lord Jesus Christ”.

- Varun Gupta July 2005, Armenia


“I thank God for healing me of my bowel disease as Pastor Jatinder Gill was praying for me over the phone! During the prayer I started feeling heat all over my body. I realized at that time that I am Healed!!! I praise God and thank God for Pastor Jatinder Gill and his church for keeping me in their prayers. Praise God!!!”

- Padma Chauhan August 2005, New York

Healing Touch

Dear Pastor Gill,

Greetings from Ernest Kumar. Thank you very much for your prayer and love. God answers our prayer and I’m feeling better. Jesus [forgave] my sins and He healed my sickness. He [is a] great God.

Please accept this gift for your ministries. May God bless you and your ministries.

In His Love,staten Island, NY