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Ministries unto the Lord

We invite you to worship with us this week. We pray that you may feel close to God here. In fact, the reason for our service is to lead people closer to God through Jesus Christ. God has a plan to meet your need through the Messiah. By repenting of your sins and trusting in Jesus as Savior and risen Lord, you will find peace and restored friendship with God. Jesus paid the price in full so that you could receive His love and help absolutely free. So, welcome to the church Jesus is building! You will find here many enjoyable and valuable ministries available to you and a place to serve. We hope you will find a home and a family here!

Sunday School

Sunday school meets at 5 PM at every Sunday morning. We have dedicated workers who minister very creatively to reach young lives. They use stories, music, drama, puppets, craft, prayer and Bible study. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God.”

Women’s ministry

Primary focus of women’s ministry is to be a place of fellowship and service for the ladies both married and single. These ladies minister in many ways to our church body.

Youth Ministry-Young Trail Blazers

Youth ministry is to help our young generation to grow in the Lord spiritually, physically, academically and socially. Be a part of it and make use the God-given opportunity.


Ushers are not only greeters but they do all the physical arrangements for the church meetings. They are committed, dedicated & very smart people, ready to do everything, at all the times without complaining & grumbling. Their primary goal is serve God by serving people.

Growth Group

This is the hub of our church growth & strength. This is a powerful way to learn the Word of God where everyone has time to ask questions and discuss about the matters regarding various issues. Home cell could be for 2 people or for 20 people depending on the host. Anyone can have or can become part of any home group. Right now we have home cells going on during the week at Flushing, Brooklyn, Richmond Hill and Long Island.

Bible Studies & training

Weekly BIBLE STUDY every Wednesday at 7 PM. Every Sunday 6 PM. We have several Bible studies and we also offer credited Bible trainings. If you want to know more of God’s Word then get into any of the on going classes.

Praise & Worship

We have got an anointed worship team who really takes the congregation into the presence of God. They get together and practice songs in Punjabi, Hindi, and Urdu & English. They not only rehearsal but also pray for the powerful unction of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer & Intercession

Praying and interceeding for the church and the ministry overseas.Prayer requests are received by phone, emails, mail and through personal home and hospital visitations.This is the backbone of the whole ministry and in each meeting the Lord does miraculous healing, delivarance and transformation.

Evangelism Ministry

Evangelism teams go to door to door and on the streets & corners to share the good news about Jesus Christ. They are the people who boldly witness to the world that Jesus Christ Saves and Jesus Heals.


Bible study Growth Groups every wed and Thursday at 7.30 pm