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Our Pastor

Our Pastor

Pastor Jatinder Prakash Gill is an ordained minister of Assemblies of God and senior Pastor of Bethlehem Punjabi Church in New York along with his wife Rosleen Gill and daughter Evangeline Gill, Genesis Gill and Jaclyn Gill.

He was born and brought up in Punjab, India. In 1991 he had divine encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ and he accepted Him as his Lord and Savior. He had his early education in Punjab then for higher studies He moved to Dehradun where he completed his “Bachelor of Theology” from Luther W. New Jr. Theological College.

He did his “Bachelor of Arts” in History Honors from New Delhi, India. After his studies Pastor Jatinder planted three churches in India. In 2001 he moved to USA and pioneered Bethlehem Punjabi Church in New York. He did “Diploma in Biblical Studies” from ISOM, California. And received “Doctor of Ministry” from IICM, Florida, USA.

He has pioneered several Christian Radio and T.V programs. He has translated more than 35 books into Punjabi and taught in Bible school. He is the founder of Bethlehem Punjabi World Outreach in India and is the general secretary for Southern Asia Fellowship of Assemblies of God. His well known book “Ruh di Khurak” in Punjabi has become very popular among Punjabi Christians worldwide.

The Lord is using the man of God to bring many to Christ and to teach the Word of God with very powerful revelation. He travels to India very often to preach the good news of Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor's Message

Dear Friend,


Whatever reason might have brought you on this website, but one thing is certain that God has a plan and purpose in your life. You are not by chance or accidentally on this earth, you have been sent forth by God almighty with a special task. You are precious to God and He loves you so much, that’s why he has created you in His own image. You can’t find God’s purpose and plan in your life in yourself, or in other people, or in the things of this world. God has made that plan for you and that can only be found in God alone.


Even before you were born God has a plan for you, plan to bless you, give you success, prosperity and abundant life. Satan has planned to destroy mankind but Jesus has come to destroy the works of devil and give us life and life more abundantly. God never wants us to be in sin, sickness, and in sorrows. In His plan we have forgiveness, freedom, and His favor. We are here to help you to find and fulfill God’s purpose in your life and we pray that you may feel at home at Bethlehem Punjabi Church. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and let him fulfill His plan in your life. May God bless you as you continue to browse through our web site.




Christ’s Servant,


Pastor Jatinder P. Gill